Consulting Services

The international security industry is faced with constantly evolving technological challenges. Almost without exception, every major market is populated with a myriad of low-cost and disjointed services. Sophisticated technology and management systems are needed to upgrade the quality of security services to meet these constant challenges.

Emerging conditions give rise to the need for a highly sophisticated security consulting group to augment services not available locally. This level of security is critical to those organizations who require protection for their personnel and assets, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Disruptions to business, as a result of ongoing terrorist and criminal threats, are increasing significantly worldwide. Kidnapping has reached pandemic proportions in many countries, with terrorist and criminal groups turning these activities into a major growth industry. Operating or traveling in hostile environments poses unique threats to the operational efficiency, stability, security, and safety of personnel and facilities.

The acceptance of calculated risk is an everyday element of personal and corporate life. Unfortunately, the inordinate number of risks currently facing the business world today can severely impact a company's revenue and reputation. These risks, ranging from terrorist activity and product contamination to industrial espionage and professional misconduct, are menacing regardless of their scope and complexity.

Supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programs often calls for independent input. Globe Risk International is qualified to assist in these scenarios, relying on decades of experience at the highest levels of government and corporate service.


  • To assist companies and individuals in proactive security planning.
  • To meet security requirements with an integrated team operating at the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

Globe Risk International will provide a carefully assessed, individually tailored program of security measures that will bring together a unique blend of highly sophisticated techniques designed to adapt to the requirements of your organization and the available resources within its environment.


Globe Risk International’s consultants are drawn from some of the finest security organizations in the world. Knowledgeable and field experienced, our consultants work together as a team to offer the quality of service necessary to effectively address a client’s needs.

Supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programs can sometimes call for independent input. Globe Risk International draws from decades of experience at the highest level and are able to cost effectively manage complex security projects from initial needs assessment through to long-term accountability.

We are also able to provide consulting and manpower to your project, wherever it may take us.

  • Concept of Operations Planning and Support.
  • Policy Development and Implementation.
  • Equipment Procurement and Implementation.
  • Crisis Intervention Team Response.
  • Contingency Assessment and Planning.
  • Medical and Personnel Evacuation from Hostile Environments.
  • Close Protection.
  • Specialized Training and Deployment.


Globe Risk International has assembled some of the finest industry professionals and thus, can provide integrated security solutions that are efficient and effective, accomplishing objectives in a timely, cost effective manner.

Whether the threat is immediate and pressing or anticipated, Globe Risk International will respond with:

  • People
  • Management
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Crisis Response
  • Intelligence
  • Equipment

Offering relevant solutions to immediate or foreseeable problems, we are able to provide tailored solutions to you on a national or international scale. Through active and decisive supervision of projects, we are able to cost effectively manage complex security assignments from the initial assessment of needs through to task completion.  Our consultants, familiar with the demands of corporations and senior executives, can provide well-documented and effective analyses, presented in a context-relevant package.

Globe Risk International can draw from our base of consultants experienced in the areas of:

  • Military.
  • Counter-Terrorism.
  • Intelligence.
  • Corporate Security.
  • Law Enforcement.

Globe Risk International has decades of practical experience, dealing with complex business and individual security issues across geographic and language boundaries. Versatile and creative, we are able to provide genuine insight drawn from years of real-world solutions.

Team members have advised heads of state and corporate leaders. We can apply direct experience in counter-terrorism, kidnapping, industrial espionage, military and law enforcement.

  • Marketplace leaders. We have decades of hands-on experience in the international security marketplace.
  • Sophistication in services and training.
  • Ability to respond immediately to a client's needs.
  • Quality, training and experience of Globe Risk International consultants and its joint venture partners.
  • Most client needs are immediate and often complex. The ability to respond quickly to a given situation is vitally important.


Globe Risk International is a broad based security resource provider offering application specific security solutions.

Our consultants’ experience and expertise allows us to mobilize the right professionals with the necessary skills to complete this project.  We offer the following benefits:

  • A proprietary methodology and approach to security planning and vulnerability assessments that has been tested and implemented in many organizations and industry sectors internationally. 
  • We are prepared to mobilize a security consulting team quickly, within the time parameters outlined.
  • A security management provider with a proven ability to work in a cooperative and productive manner with client personnel at both the staff and senior management levels.
  • A security management team that has, in recent years, made a considerable investment in the development and maintenance of operational resilience and security planning methodologies that are proven to provide cost-effective, practical recommendations and solutions.
  • Access to safety, security, intelligence and liability management information, resources and best practice information developed by our global practitioners.
  • Our commitment to provide the client with a cost-effective, high quality security management service at both the strategic and operational levels.

Globe Risk develops a report assessment process with the client’s senior management to ensure all security requirements, including strategic, tactical, current and anticipated, have been reviewed and accurately documented.

Consulting services include:

  • Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments of Existing Facilities.
  • Security Audit of Existing Security Services.
  • Kidnap and Ransom Support, Planning, Training and Response.
  • Security Training and Security Program Policy Development.
  • Corporate Contingency Planning.
  • Security Policy and Training Development.
  • Formulation of both Armed and Unarmed Security Response Programs.
  • Close Protection Programs.
  • Selection and Training of Personnel for Specialist Tasks.
  • Corporate Intelligence Research and Program Development.
  • Crisis Response Program Development.
  • Situational Advice and Crisis Intervention.
  • Contingency Planning and Support.
  • Nuclear Security Consulting.
  • Operational Support Services.
  • Expert Witness Testimony.

Globe Risk International will provide a carefully assessed, individually tailored program of security measures, blending sophisticated techniques adapted to the requirements of your organization with available resources within your environment.

Rapid and decisive action is called for in a crisis. Globe Risk International can offer the knowledge and resources needed to provide the level of security that your organization requires. The company was created to meet the need for strategic defense planning and counter measures for individuals and corporations operating and traveling in an increasingly volatile and hostile world.

An accurate assessment of the threat is a prerequisite to all security planning, and it is in this discipline that Globe Risk International can provide you with the consultative skills. The availability of highly trained, impartial, professional and objective security advice ensures the effective management of security training at every level in the organization.


With our broad base of specialized training skills and experience through the Globe Risk International and its joint venture partners, we are able to offer the type and level of training that has benefited military Special Forces teams around the world.

We will develop specialized training programs that will fit the needs of your security group, whether military or civilian. This highly focused and results oriented approach ensures effective use of manpower in the most dangerous of situations.