Crisis Intervention Services

Globe Risk International operates internationally and is responsive to its client’s urgent needs and requirements. With offices in the UK and headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Globe Risk International is uniquely positioned to quickly respond to a client’s needs.

Globe Risk International provides crisis/facilitation intervention services to respond to:

  • Rapid, unforeseen changes in the local security environment, where a company may have lost the means to maintain positive control of the situation or are operating in an unknown or evolving hostile environment.
  • Security/emergency situation (kidnap and ransom incident - requirement to initiate an immediate country or medical evacuation).
  • Requirement to conduct an immediate threat assessment of a country, city, facility or specific asset to allow for formal security intervention or support to a specific project either before or after the deployment to an unknown location.
  • Hostile business related issues.

During the development of a security or emergency event, Globe Risk International can provide the following support services:

  • Security Team Augmentation: In the event client senior management are required to travel to sensitive regions, they may require additional security manpower or close protection security services. This service can be provided as required.
  • Non-Routine Country Briefings: When special or non-routine information is required, Globe Risk International consultants can compile and deliver high-level and focused briefings prior to departure.
  • Evacuation Planning: Globe Risk International will develop planning processes to effectively evacuate client personnel from a hostile environment. As a last resort, Globe Risk International will affect measures to secure the safety of client personnel wherever they are located.
  • Individual Expertise: The senior management team and consultants of Globe Risk International bring world-class expertise in hostage rescue, counter terrorist operations and planning, corporate crisis management, security planning, specialized training, intelligence gathering and threat, risk, vulnerability assessment, analysis and crisis negotiations.
  • Organizational Expertise: Globe Risk International provides a myriad of international security services to a large number of international clients, many operating in hostile environments. We formulate, write, and rehearse (and on occasion implement) corporate security plans, kidnap/ransom policies and procedures germane to a client’s area of operations.

Additional Crisis Intervention Services:

  • Globe Risk International’s 24/7 communications platform. This platform will provide the “Vital Link” between the client and the 24/7 Security Operations Centre.
  • Development of Evacuation (Medical and Country) Plans.
  • Development of Personnel Security Profile Forms.
  • Provide the “Vital Link” between a client’s senior management and its 24/7 Security Control Centre (SOC).
  • Development of Emergency Procedure Pages (Blackberry or iPhone or other communication devices).
  • Client senior management tracking both domestic and international.
  • Provision of proactive response services to alert client senior management to security threats and to advise them on what steps to take to immediately minimize any identifiable emerging levels of risk.
  • Incident Intervention Services.
  • The Vital Link Communications Platform.

Globe Risk International and its joint venture partners can provide clients with carefully assessed individually tailored programs of pro-active crisis facilitation and intervention response programs.

Globe Risk International can provide the “Vital Link” between a client’s senior management and its personnel operating internationally via Globe Risk International's 24/7 Security Control Centre (SOC).

Set up to operate within the higher echelons of security and to address unique security needs, Globe Risk International offers an extensive and diversified range of security, facilitation and response services to its clients, with the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

Strategic thinking is a critical element in achieving desired results.  Globe Risk International recognizes this principle and refrains from adopting a textbook approach. We assess all client senior management’s needs individually, relying on years of “real world” experience of operating in global security environments. Additionally, Globe Risk International can provide its clients with a single point of reference for the provision of all security facilitation, response and specialized consulting services. This “one-stop shopping” capability is an effective option for clients, who can address all their security problems and requirements within one company.

To date, Globe Risk International has supplied security support to business operations in such diverse areas as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Sudan, The Republic of the Congo, DRC, Angola, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Europe, Russia, U.S., Canada, Thailand, Philippines and China.

During the critical decision making process involved during a security event and particularly during a hostage taking, Globe Risk International can be relied upon to provide you with clear analysis of YOUR options.