Throughout the project, Globe Risk International will implement project management measures.  Strict control of the project is ensured by:

  • Detailed work plans and cost tracking.
  • Project quality control.
  • Globe Risk International’s reputation for project completion on time and on budget.


4.1       Project Quality Control

Globe Risk International has an excellent track record in completing quality work within budget and on schedule. Globe Risk International does not use independent quality control personnel. Instead, all team members conduct peer review and quality assurance of all project deliverables, to ensure that the highest quality product is provided to the client in the most cost effective manner. Senior management reviews overall project progress. Critical management decisions and selected deliverables undergo additional management review prior to release to the client.


4.1       Human Resource Management       

The time allocated to the project team over the life of the project is such that staff loading is never more than 100% at any time. The proposed team members have overlapping capabilities. Therefore, there is sufficient flexibility and skill redundancy to compensate for any unforeseen staff absence. In addition, other Globe Risk International staff, if required, could provide direct and indirect support to this project on short notice.