Globe Risk International is a private consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Founded by a team of British ex-Special Air Service (SAS) officers, it was formed in response to a growing requirement in the international community to secure the employees, assets, and facilities of corporations pursuing business opportunities in high risk areas of the world.  We assist governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and the private sector in combating the increasing threats from terrorist and criminal groups.


The mandate of Globe Risk International is to provide up-to-date, relevant and professional consultancy services where and when needed.

High risk can be defined as:

  • Unstable ethnic, religious, military conflicts or dangers of terrorism threatening foreigners working or traveling through hostile environments.
  • Climatic extremes impacting the health, safety, and security of non-resident travelers or expatriate managers and personnel.
  • Topographical extremes effecting secure logistics and transport of people and equipment.

With decades of first hand practical experience, the consultants at Globe Risk International have proven backgrounds in specialist military and government organizations. Our consultants have genuine expertise in the areas of corporate security, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, specialized training and military/law enforcement. Knowledgeable and discreet, we work together as a team to offer the quality of service necessary to meet our clients' needs. We abide by the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and discretion.

For over two decades, Globe Risk International has worked worldwide in areas of high risk.  Some areas include Africa (Security Reviews, Specialized Training, Logistics, and Medical), and Central and South America (Kidnap and Ransom Response, Security and Specialized Training).  We have provided Close Protection teams to the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

Our global network of consultants and joint venture partnerships affords us the ability to respond quickly to a need, thereby expediting the overall response time.