Utilizing a network of associates located throughout the world, Globe Risk International is able to research and provide comprehensive, confidential data in a discreet manner. Decisions will be based on current and relevant information.

Globe Risk International works closely with client decision-makers to ensure full understanding of their intelligence requirements and have the most effective ways to present the results. We deploy skilled researchers against primary and secondary sources, apply rigorous analysis and ensure that the result is actionable intelligence - reasoned, predictive and useful.

We are prepared to apply these skills in the following areas:

  • Political Risk Assessments.
  • Security Alerts and Briefings.
  • Travel, Security and Medical Advisories.
  • Country Risk Reports.
  • Kidnap & Ransom “Actions On” Procedures.
  • Country Profiles & Regional Analysis.
  • Security and Trade Analysis.
  • Threat and Risk Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Counter-Intelligence.
  • Assessment of Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Corporate Threat Analysis and Project Management.
  • Corporate Security Audits.
  • Cyber Threat Management.
  • Security Management Education.
  • Intelligence Gathering.
  • The Vital Link Communications Platform.