Globe Risk International specializes in completing Threat - Risk - Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA). The TRVA process is an established method for identifying and quantifying the information needed to make sensible decisions in the application of resources dealing with security and safety hazards posed to an organization. It is a methodical analysis of various factors that could cause harm to the organization, the safeguards in place to protect the organization and the derivative risk that the organization is facing.

The aim of a TRVA is to assess the business process in light of the safety and security environment and to identify vulnerabilities and risks to personnel, assets and facilities, prioritizing any response actions.  In most cases, a qualitative assessment based on subjective experience is adequate for the assessment; however, in potentially high-risk situations, a more rigorous quantitative process will be required. A systematic approach to define directions in support of existing and future physical security objectives and requirements for a specific client is required.

A detailed TRVA requires skill on the part of the security consultant and can be open to latitude in interpretation of the impact and loss potential, (this is especially true when human losses are considered). The TRVA is not a scientifically rigorous process; it is a tool to allow the security professional the ability to distil complex interrelated factors (human, environmental and technological) into discreet elements, enunciate and prioritize potential threats and identify mitigation strategies.

The TRVA provides senior management with a decision making blue-print in determining the most credible and cost effective solutions for improving the security system to achieve a level of residual risk acceptable to the organization.

Globe Risk International consultants will examine life safety, physical security, technology, security, terrorist and criminal related issues affecting organizations operations. Our consultants’ experience and expertise in physical security, counter-terrorism and security management planning, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the threat of terrorism, allows us to mobilize the right professionals with the necessary skills to complete the project. 

Globe Risk International will develop a comprehensive report to ensure that all appropriate aspects of a client’s security requirements have been reviewed and accurately documented, with the understanding of the client’s strategic and tactical security program requirements.