Globe Risk offers a communications platform to its clients operating internationally. Coordinated via a Security Control Centre and available 24/7, this Vital Link platform provides clients direct communication to an experienced security consultant for advice, direction or actioned response. 

Through SMS messages to personal communication devices, it can deliver security alerts to minimize emerging levels of risk by providing information and advice relating to evacuation warnings, travel and health advisories.

Using this platform, Globe Risk International's clients can also access reports for over 250 countries.  Prepared by intelligence analysts, these reports provide updated information and commentary on terrorism, travel analyses and pre-travel advisories.  Country risk ratings are classified as low, medium, high or extreme. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Historic incident search for over 250 countries.
  • Live security incident updating.
  • Analysis and advice with optional kidnap response.
  • Incident alerts and live updates to client travelers – by SMS/Email/Mobile APP.
  • Client incident reporting system.
  • Mobile APP (IOS) country information, advice, risk level, client check-in and geo-location.
  • Instant access to security and crisis consultants.

Available by annual subscription, the cost for this service is based on the number of employees and app users on the system and whether a kidnap and ransom response package is included.