Introduction to Globe Risk Training


1.1       Globe Risk International Training Prospectus

Globe Risk International was founded by a team of British ex-Special Air Service (SAS) officers to assist governments, law enforcement agencies, and the private sector in combating the increasing threat of criminal and terrorist groups.  The mandate of Globe Risk International is to provide up-to-date, relevant, professional training.

With more than 32 years of practical experience, the instructors at Globe Risk International have proven backgrounds in specialist military, police and private security organizations.  As such, our instructors have genuine expertise in the areas of corporate security, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, specialized training, security training and military/law enforcement.  Knowledgeable and discreet, Globe Risk International instructors work together as a team to offer the quality of training necessary to meet your needs.

Globe Risk International provides training services on all topics mentioned within this prospectus.  If required, we will prepare your own personnel to train others.  Training courses can be conducted locally, within a client's country, or outside the country of origin at venues arranged by Globe Risk International.

We abide by the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and discretion.  All inquiries will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


1.2       Introduction to Training Services

In the very specialized arena of law enforcement, security, and counter-terrorist training, expertise is primarily gained through personal networking. Shared experiences provide valuable insights, ensuring that hard learned lessons (sometimes at significant costs) will not be repeated by others.

The level of training offered by Globe Risk International is the highest currently available through one organization internationally. Once a need has been identified, a comprehensive, detailed program will be formulated and presented to relevant decision-makers. If accepted, the training provided will be realistic and effective.

All skills taught will be based on tested methods.  Should a dispute arise, expert testimony is available.  Specifically designed modules will be developed to cover all possible contingencies. Furthermore, an ongoing package of support services will be available.  These services will be designed and coordinated to address your specific needs.


The support package* includes:

  • Research and development geared to specific demands
  • Technical and tactical opinions
  • Training task assistance
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Task appreciation

(*Please note that operational and administrative expert opinions are included within this package.  Opinions of this nature may significantly reduce any shortfalls encountered by police and counter-terrorist teams).


Globe Risk International believes that a logical, common sense approach combined with a sound understanding of a subject's basic principles, is required before more advanced levels of study can be considered. Training is designed to suit each client's particular needs.  Courses can be conducted in Guyana or Canada, depending upon your preference.

Globe Risk International will develop security-training packages to meet the specific needs of clients and will be delivered in a timely manner as required.


1.3       Summary of Corporate Background and Related Experience   

Globe Risk International Inc. is a Canadian owned and based international security consulting, risk-management and specialized training firm.  The expertise within the Globe Risk Group of companies is unparalleled in the security industry.

The president of the company is a former member of the Special Air Service (SAS). The majority of Globe Risk instructional staff have a high level of expertise in dealing with both corporate and government agencies at a senior level. Additionally, all Globe Risk International instructors have operational experience in all aspects of security training program development, crisis and contingency planning and specialized training as well as extensive operational experience in high risk and hostile environments.

In retaining the services of Globe Risk International, clients would gain access to a Canadian company with a commitment to delivering high quality, client focused training support. Globe Risk International has provided extensive support in the security and operations disciplines for planning and implementing training program development. Globe Risk International have provided support services to a wide range of nuclear, commercial and governmental clients, both domestic and international. 

Globe Risk International’s primary goal is to deliver top quality consulting and specialized training services to their clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. This goal is enshrined in Globe Risk International’s vision of becoming the premier quality provider of operational security training programs in the market place.


1.4       Globe Risk International Instructors

Globe Risk International instructors have the necessary expertise to conduct training. We have provided instruction for law enforcement, military and Special Forces units, as well as for governments and corporations worldwide.


1.5       Delivery of Training

Due to the nature of Globe Risk International training courses, the preferred course loading will be determined between Globe Risk International and the client. For safety reasons, the maximum allowable course loading has to be determined. Globe Risk International clients are usually requested to provide the training venue (classroom and practical), LCD projector, computer and whiteboard. Delivery of specific courses would require (approximately) two-three working days, unless lesson plans have already been developed by the client.


1.6     Description of Services Required by the client

The client will specify the requirements and the delivery of training.


1.7       Globe Risk Support Services

On successful completion of all identified training, Globe Risk International is committed to providing the client with a full service capability, far beyond that presently available from any other training provider.

The support services could include on-call operational support, assistance with the continuing development of future specialized refresher training, and the continued development of continuation and train the trainer focused training programs, including the development of operational team level drills and exercises, independent audit, and verification of the readiness of the overall client organization.


1.8       Confirmation Visit Prior to Training

It is essential that a reconnaissance visit be undertaken well in advance of all proposed training courses.

The visit will confirm:

  • Existing levels of student expertise
  • Suitability of existing equipment and advise future procurement
  • Location of training areas
  • Course syllabus
  • Necessary administration and support services
  • Participating agencies and support staff, establishing points of contact and liaison